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How to Plan Your Board Meeting Preparation

Preparing a board meeting can be stressful with multiple stakeholders to manage and deadlines to adhere to. However, by following the pre-defined structure and using the most effective tools it is possible to reduce the stress and enhance the experience for all those involved.

Create your agenda for board meetings so that you maximize the time for discussion and decision-making. Each item should be given an estimated time and a clear goal, for example, informing or seeking out information or making an informed decision. If discussions diverge off topic, gently steer conversations back to the topic of the agenda and ensure that someone is recording notes to record key decisions and outcomes.

Make sure that all attendees have been informed about the meeting, which includes the date, time and the location. This can be achieved with a board portal which automates the process of dispersing materials.

Introduce everyone who is attending the meeting including guests and special guests. Then do roll call to determine if there is an quorum for the meeting to continue. Go over any unresolved business from the previous meeting and then approve minutes.

If you’ve got some time left, you may use it to discuss new business items or anything that requires discussion before the meeting is closed. It is also a great moment to update any public notices with the date, time and location of the next meeting.