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How to Conduct an Online Board Meeting

A virtual board meetings allows your organization to conduct productive meetings without the physical limitations of a traditional in-person meeting. Using an online board meeting software will allow you to reduce time and money by reducing travel costs, as well as the need to use manual processes like registering attendance and writing minutes. This will allow you to expand your membership pool for board members by including those who aren’t able to attend in person.

It is easy to start an online board meeting however, you’ll need to have the link for each participant in advance. It can also be beneficial to send a test meeting link to members in advance of your first meeting to make sure the equipment they use is working properly.

An agenda that is clear is crucial for a successful virtual board meeting. Include a “any other matter item to cover any issues not covered in the meeting. This will help keep your agenda on track, and will increase your productivity.

Make sure that all of your discussion items are scheduled according to an appropriate amount of time and the intended conclusion for each. This will give your board members a sense structure and will help you make the meeting go by quickly.

If you provide all your attendees with copies of the agenda and other pertinent documents prior to the meeting will allow participants to be prepared to share their opinions. Video conferencing is an excellent tool when conducting board meetings. It will improve engagement and allow participants to observe each other’s body and speech.